Morning coffee: the north, stupid rivalries and a free festival

For today’s morning coffee I’m bringing you something that might be of interest if you live in the north of Portugal or if you happen to be in the region for the next few days.

Portugal happens to have a lot of festivals and events for such a tiny country – from the “medieval” fairs that you can now find virtually everywhere, to music festivals dedicated to world music, Portuguese music, classical music, you name it. Then you have all the other events exclusively dedicated to food and wine (obvs), everything whithin the performing arts and I don’t know how many other such events – if it can attract a small crowd you bet there’ll be a festival dedicated to it.

From September 19th to 21st you have the Festival de Outono da Universidade do Minho (Minho University Autumn Festival), a free event with diferent musical genres, talks and after parties. One of the things I like about this is that, just like the Minho University, it unites two cities: Braga and Guimarães.

If you’ve been living in Portugal for a while now you may have realised there are some rivalries between towns, cities, regions (this happens all over the world too, right?). All of them stupid, the way I see it. Braga and Guimarães are two examples of that: I’ve heard several theories about the origins of this hatred so I’m not sure which one is real. I do know that people from Guimarães say Braga is the city of the 3 P’s: padres (priests), putas (whores) and paneleiros (a very rude word for gays). So next time you’re visiting one of these cities people avoid saying the other one is better! 😀

For today’s music I decided to make things a bit worse (because why not?!) and chose a song about the North sung by GNR, a band from Porto, featuring Isabel Silvestre, a lady from Manhouce (in Central Portugal). Does this make any sense? Not really!

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  1. I love Braga….and GNR, first Portuguese band i fell in love with while documenting the post revolution graffiti ….

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