Morning coffee: going to the movies

Today’s coffee photo is a bit of a lie because it was not the usual morning espresso, but rather the coffee that usually wraps up a nice meal (at least here in Portugal). In this case, it was after lunch with my mom and you can still get a glimpse of a stereotypical restaurant table in Portugal: grease stains on a paper towel, crumpled up paper napkins and an empty glass of beer.

Speaking of lies… do you like going to the movies? September 19th you’ll have a new Portuguese film premiering: “A Herdade”. And guess what, it will be representing Portugal on the 2020 Oscars edition!

“A Herdade” tell the story of a rich family, owner of one of Europe’s largest estates south of the river Tagus, while also being to some extent of a portrait of Portugal’s history from the 1940’s up until today. Sounds very interesting!

Thinking about movies and Oscars reminded me of the sometimes problematic relationship we, Portuguese, have with the English language. I’m not talking about common mistakes Portuguese make when speaking or writing in English – I’m talking about the fact that we sometimes feel like “some things sounds better in English”. That would be a nice subject for a whole blog post but for now I just wanted to show you a song by Portuguese band Clã.

“Problema de expressão” starts like this (my own translation): “Just to say that I love you / I don’t always find the best words / I don’t always choose the best way / It should be like in the movies / The English language is always OK / And never betrays anyone. / Your world is so close to mine / And what I say is so far away / Like the sea is far away from the sky.”

Hope you like it!

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