Don’t get lost: A quick tip concerning castles in Portugal

The castle of Marvão.
After a little informal poll on my Instagram stories I’m doing some adjustments to my posts both here, on WordPress, and on Instagram. That includes shorter, simpler posts and more practical information.
So for starters I’m going to share with you a little travel tip that may seem obvious for those of us who live in countries with castles, but for others… maybe not.
The castle of Sintra.

I’ve seen one too many tourists wander aimlessly looking for a castle and, more often than not, having trouble understanding their tourist maps.

The castle of Penha Garcia.
Last week, for example, I was in Sintra, walking along the road to Regaleira when I overheard a couple a few steps ahead of me point to Regaleira and one of them said: “Look, here’s the castle!”. Ouch! Nope.
I told them where the castle is (easily seen from that spot). They looked at the map and shrugged their shoulders: “The map must be wrong!”. O… K…
The castle of Santa Maria da Feira,

So, in a nutshell, here’s your travel hack for today: it doesn’t matter if you’re in a city or a town or a village – castles are always on high ground. Even if you don’t have a map and you’re in a small town in Portugal look up if you’re searching for a castle.

The castle of Lindoso.
The castle of Leiria.
In some cases it may not be that high above the houses and other buildings, but that’s because of the way those towns evolved as time went by. A good example of this is the castle of Óbidos.
The castle of Óbidos.
Remember to look up! 😉
(Quick links for blog posts featuring the castles shown on this post: SintraÓbidos, Leiria, Santa Maria da Feira, Penha Garcia, Marvão, Lindoso)


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  1. “hey, do you know where I can find the castle?” [LOCAL PERSON] “oh YEAH YEAH it’s down there on the bottom of the valley… nah just kidding, look up” *TRIPLE FACEPALM*

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