There’s nothing more Portuguese than…

A cheeky pastel de nata playing peek-a-boo.

There’s nothing more Portuguese than pastéis de nata.
Oh, wait… Pastéis de nata are not really representative of Portugal’s desserts.

Maybe bacalhau? Nah…

Fado? Nope.

A flaky buttery outside with a creamy sweet inside!

A few weeks ago an Instagram follower asked me: “What do you think makes someone Portuguese?”.

Tough question. But a good one!
How do we identify ourselves as being Portuguese or English or… whatever?
Is it because we were simply born in that country? Is it because we identify with a checklist of stereotypes regarding that nationality? Is it because of a feeling of love and pride towards a country?

What are the stereotypes regarding Portugal? My name is not Maria, I don’t like sardines and I don’t usually listen to fado. Yet, I feel very much Portuguese (as you probably noticed from the blog)!

As you may know there have been various “waves” of Portuguese leaving for other countries. Many did so in the 1950’s and 60’s and their children were already born in France, Germany, Luxembourg, the USA and Belgium, just to name a few countries. Some came back to Portugal while others stayed in their “new” countries and are now proud grandparents.

I’ve had the opportunity of getting in touch with the Portuguese diaspora for many years now, and on several different occasions, and while many of the children and grandchildren of those immigrans feel, at least to a certain extent, like they’re Portuguese, that is not always the case. Sometimes they have mixed feelings about “being Portuguese” and some other times they fully reject that part of their DNA. Others, born and raised in Portugal, don’t care about being Portuguese (or about any nationality, for that matter).

Over to you, dear readers: does nationality matter to you? Why do you identify yourself with a specific nationality? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

P.S.: Hope you enjoyed the photos of this notable Portuguese citizen! 😉

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  1. Adorei o texto! Para mim ser portuguesa é reconhecer aquilo que já fomos e saber que de uma forma ou de outra ainda conseguimos ser. É gostar de comer bem, seja que prato for porque realmente a escolha é muita, é gostar de praia ou neve porque apesar do nosso modesto tamanho temos os 2, é protestar com modos e sentir saudade… Não somos de todo um estereótipo e é isso que nos diferencia 😊

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