Celebrating International Women’s Day with a few amazing Portuguese women

Today, across the globe (although in some places more than in others), people celebrate International Women’s Day. It’s one of those days for which there should be no neeed, right?

So while we still need it, I’d like to highlight a few amazing Portuguese women. If you look a bit into Portuguese history you’ll often find the names of Rainha Santa Isabel or D. Filipa de Lencastre (both of them technically not Portuguese), who became famous for their actions but, let’s face it, being a queen makes it easy for anyone to be famous. Inês de Castro is another name you’ll easily come across, because of the tragic love in which she was involved.

One of my favourite Portuguese women, Mumadona Dias (on the photo above), actually lived *before* Portugal even existed but her actions were crucial to the definition of what would later become the kingdom of Portugal. Another favourite of mine, half truth half legend, was Brites de Almeida, aka, Padeira de Aljubarrota, a baker who, legend has it, killed seven Castillian soldiers in the aftermath of the Aljubarrota battle. I like her not so much because of the deaths she may have caused but because it would have taken a 14th century woman (who had her own business, no less) a lot of courage to face soldiers.

Bellow you’ll find a selection of Portuguese women who, in my view, don’t really get the acknowledgement they deserve. I’ve created bookmarks with some info on each one of them, so you can print your favourite (or all of them!). Yes, I know you love me!

I hope these badass Portuguese women will inspire you!


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