A different kind of Valentine’s Day

western red cedar4I’ve loved this tree since I was little. It was already huge and old back then.

But this is not just any tree. This is a western red cedar, probably the most magnificent tree you can find in the Pena park. Sometimes I feel like going back to this park just because of this tree – I’ll admit I’m a  tree hugger!

western red cedar2

When king consort Ferdinand II planned the park he wanted to create a mix between the kind of forests of his native Germany and botanical species from other parts of the world – which is why the Pena park has western red cedars, sequoias and camelias, among other species.

Today,  when half the world is celebrating Valentine’s day, I wanted to bring your attention to a kind of love that is often forgotten: the love of Nature and the planet.

western red cedar3
Does anybody elese see a face in the tree?


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  1. yeah I DO see a grinning face… many trees in that park have them… another reason to visit over and over again…

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