Random photo of the week

coimbraMeet Coimbra.

Located in Central Portugal, Coimbra is one of the oldest cities in Portugal and it was actually the country’s capital before Lisbon gained that status.

Coimbra is also home to one of Europe’s oldest universities (whose buildings were classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2013 ), has its own type of fado and, like so many other places in Portugal, its own conventual sweet. Sorry, I ate my pastel de Tentúgal without taking a photo before!

Besides all of this, and also like so many other cities in Portugal (and everywhere else in the world, for that matter), Coimbra blossomed by the side of a river – the beautiful Mondego, which I mentioned here before.

Enjoy the view!

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  1. I’ve heard so many interesting views about this city I’ll definitely be heading there once it stops raining. Coming from Cambridge I expect I’ll be comparing the university buildings.

    • Well, don’t expect the huge Cambridge University buildings! There are several buildings, which are all part of the University although they were built at different times, but they spread throughout the city, instead of being limited to one place alone. In the department of Mathematics, for example, which was built in the 1960’s, you have some beautiful murals by Portuguese artist Almada Negreiros.

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