Portuguese trivia (VI)

IMG_8376Meet the Portuguese cheesecake: the queijada!

I can hear you saying “Well, it doesn’t look like a cheesecake to me!” That’s because they were invented a loooong time ago, before cream cheese was around (or fridges!). Technically, however, they *are* cheesecakes because they include queijo fresco, a type of cheese very common in Portugal, similar to cottage cheese.

There are several types of queijadas in the country, but the most famous is probably the one I’m showing here, aka, queijada de Sintra. If you go to Sintra you’ll find several shops selling these, with some very tiny differences between their recipes. Of all the brands of queijadas de Sintra the oldest is Sapa, which has its own shop. The first known reference to queijadas de Sintra dates back to the year of 1227. I did say it was an old recipe!

Unlike so many famous Portuguese sweets and pastries these are not eggy, but fluffy and moist, tasting of cinnamon without being too sweet. They’re on the small side (2 or 3 bites are enough to eat one queijada), so you don’t get too much of a guilty feeling for indulging in one of these.

Where can you find them? Besides Sintra, they’re usually sold in cafés in and around Lisbon.


The website: http://www.beyondlisbon.pt/

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