Portuguese trivia (IV)

Delicious fruit with a strange name? Yes, we have it! Meet the bravo-de-Esmolfe apple!

Known since the 18th century, this apple is original from the Esmolfe village, in Penalva do Castelo. It’s light green in colour and it has a unique pleasant and intense aroma. The flesh is white, soft, juicy and sweet.

You may find bravo-de-esmolfe in Portuguese supermarkets or in farmer’s markets, particularly in the Center-North part of the country. Although they’re delicious, they have their own temper: the production is obtained through scattered trees, at altitudes of 350-550 m, with the apples going into production every two years.

One study in particular shows that these apples are incredibly rich in polyphenols and fibers, having three times more of these nutrients than, for example, Golden Smith apples. So besides being very good smelling, they’re also very good for you!

Source: www.jornaldocentro.pt
Tasty, tasty, tasty!
Source: http://www.jornaldocentro.pt

The website: http://www.beyondlisbon.pt/

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  1. […] Fast foward to my early adult years and I started to actually find it fascinating. Particularly all the things that the supermarkets did not have and which I could find on markets. Everything seemed more real, more alive: vibrant colours, smells, sounds. It was around that time that I started paying attention to how some produce only showed up at very specific time frames and was coveted like you were buying small treasures. One such case was the bravo-de-esmolfe apples, which I already talked about. […]

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