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Meet my new travel buddy

didi1She’ll be 10 months old this Sunday and she’s teething really badly right now. Didi likes tickles, going to the beach and staring at people in restaurants. Me, I’m the breastfeeding, babywearer, BLW (Baby Led Weaning) kind of mom. In future posts she’ll show up on occasion, so expect some tips here and there about travelling in Portugal with babies. Spoiler alert: there’s always someone trying to pinch your baby’s cheeks!


An upside down map, baby? Well, you’re still learning, I suppose…

Didi (almost) turned my life upside down and that is why the blog has seen less activity – but the blog’s Instagram is actually more active. She has already travelled a bit but I can’t wait to take her on some more serious and fun exploration… And sharing it with you!

The website:

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