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A place with a few secrets

Summer is right around the corner and so is beach season. Unless, of course, you live in Portugal and have by now already dug your feet in the sand at least once this year.

Today I’m showing you a famous beach in the Aveiro area, in Central Portugal. Yes, there are beaches in other regions besides the Algarve.

A fisherman and his family, by the sculptor Alves André.

Praia de Mira is, just for starters, the only beach in the world which has received the Blue Flag certification for 31 years in a row – yes, 31 years.

Like so many other beach areas in Portugal only fishermen used to live here until tourists started to arrive. In an area with no stone available people used wood to build their homes but also… A chapel! Although this is not *on* the sand (unlike another famous beach church in Portugal) it’s close enough. The chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição was built in 1843 and is still functioning and being kept by the fishermen and their families.


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Random photo of the week


“This is my beloved homeland”. Above that, the armillary sphere, found on the Portuguese flag.

This colourful boat is called moliceiro. And where can you find boats like these? In Portugal, of course! More specifically in Aveiro, a city near the coast.


On the left, Saint Anthony, “worker of miracles”. To the right, a reference to the well known Fado singer, Amália, with the caption “Amália, the voice of all of us”.

These boats, now used mainly as tourist attraction, used to play an important role in the local economy: They allowed navigation in the Ria de Aveiro and the harvesting of a kind of vegetation, called moliço, which was used as a fertilizer in agriculture.

The motifs painted on these boats vary, but some, like this last one, can be… cheeky. 😉


This one reads “I’m delighted by your little bird”. There is, in fact, a canary in a cage, singing, but this is a double entendre in Portuguese: “little bird” also refers to… well, a specific part of the female anatomy. 😉

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