Travelling in Portugal with small children: pro tips from a Portuguese mother (me, of course!)

Aaah, the joys of travelling with children: the picky eaters, the tantrumy toddlers, the no-nap fussy babies! Plus, of course, the all-time parental favourite: the nosy stranger with a PhD in children behaviour by the University of Smartypants. Top it off with a culture that can be very different from yours and you have the recipe for a possible vacation nightmare.

If you’ve been around for a while you know that I’m mother to a 3 year old who prefers dirt over LEGO and puddles over princesses. When Julie Dawn Fox asked me to write a blog post for her about travelling in Portugal with small children I thought it was great because of course I know everything on the subject!

Well, of course I don’t but don’t let my pre-schooler know about it.

Seriously though, having travelled with my child pretty much all over Portugal since she was a baby I have a few precious tips that I’m sharing with you, so head over to her blog and have fun!
If you don’t have children go ahead and read it anyway. Why? Well, because I’m the mother and (of course)!


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