Morning coffee

I don’t know about you, but on most days I like to have my morning coffee (Portuguese coffee, of course) while I’m people watching and/or browsing the news. If I have my earphones on it’s the closest I can get to 5 minutes of heaven on a daily basis.

Since I’m naturally a good soul (ahem!) and like to share I thought I’d create a new section on the blog – let’s call it a sort of “morning Portuguese shot” with a song and something from the news. I’ll try to make it upbeat because the world is already depressing enough as it is. Sounds good? I hope so!

If you’ve ever been to Porto, or are planning on going to Porto, chances are you’ve read about Serralves. Fundação Serralves is a unique place, a sort of haven in the city (at least the way I see it), with a big garden and lots of art. To top it off, it has its own festival in the Spring, called “Serralves em Festa”, dedicated to contemporary art.

If you happen to be in the area this Saturday, 14th September, you might want to stop by: Serralves will be opening a treetop walkway, designed in collaboration with renowned Portuguese architect Siza Vieira. Even better, on that day, nobody pays – you get a free entry! She gets a free entry! Everybody gets a free entry! You can read more about it here.

And for today’s song I’m sharing something from a band, straight from the Alentejo, called Virgem Suta. The song is about life in Portugal (with a touch of humour, of course). Hope you enjoy it!

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