Exploring Portugal without leaving Lisbon at FIA – International Handicraft Fair

Summer is right around the corner and my personal to-do list for this time of year includes:

– going to at least one “festa” (outdoors, obviously)

– reminding myself that round is a shape, so technically I’m in shape

– photobombing tourists

– going to FIA – Feira Internacional de Artesanato.

FIA is the largest craftsmanship and multicultural trade market in the Iberian Peninsula and the second largest in Europe. Every year there are 3 pavillions: one fully dedicated to Portugal; one for food and drink (mostly Portuguese but with international options, too); and one other for international handicrafts. This year’s edition will take place from June 29th to July 7th, in Lisbon’s Parque das Nações.

One of the great things about FIA is the possibility of watching artisans working right in front of you. Some (personal) highlights from recent years include replicas of Conimbriga tiles made using Arraiolos stitch, which is typical of Alentejo, golden traditional embroidery from Caldas da Rainha and a dress made of cork! Besides, you get to know traditional crafts from all over the country (Azores and Madeira included) without leaving Lisbon. Convenient, to say the least!

Every day there are small concerts, workshops and other events taking place. Once again Beyond Lisbon will be one of FIA‘s partner blogs. Woho! Of course that means… Ticket giveaway! I’ll be giving 10 double entries, so stay tuned to my Facebook page tomorrow for the opportunity to be one of the lucky winners!

Wait, there’s more! This year I also have a promo code to share with you. Woho again! If you buy tickets to the fair through their website (tickets.fil.pt/events/fia-lisboa) you can use the code FIA19-BEYONDLISBON to get a 10% discount (individual tickets only).  Have fun and maybe we’ll meet in FIA this year!

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The website: http://www.beyondlisbon.pt/


  1. How much fun it would be to bump into you at a craft fair. I might be tempted to stay in the Portugal pavilion if I was a tourist in Portugal. I agree that the best thing about fairs that I do attend, is sometimes getting to watch the crafters and artists while they work.

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