Serra da Estrela: beyond the snow (II)

Welcome back to the second part of this post about Serra da Estrela (long overdue, I know, but I had a few technical problems. Sorry!).

I couldn’t possibly leave the area without going back to one of the spots in Serra da Estrela which almost everyone knows about: Covão d’Ametade.

I know I mentioned this place several times before but… come on: it’s very near the birthplace of my favourite river, the Zêzere (it’s the river you see in the photos here) and it’s beautiful year round! There’s snow in Winter, flowers and bugs in the Spring, lots of shade in the Summer and plenty of mushrooms in Autumn. Didi seemed to really like the bed of fallen leaves!

Leaving Covão d’Ametade we headed back to Manteigas, driving along the glaciar valley.

Some years ago I hiked down there, right in the middle of the valley and one day I’d like to go back. I absolutely love mountains, it’s difficult to put into words how they make me feel!

Right before lunch there was still time for a short walk in Manteigas, near an old water mill (which is now part of a lodging, by the way).

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