A Portuguese Valentine’s

Aaah, Valentine’s… the day we all love to hate! 
So much pressure to buy (a teddy, a chocolate box or some expensive jewelry), to have a “romantic dinner” and to feel oh so in love on this particular day. Tired of it all? Why not give Valentine’s day a Portuguese touch?
Think with me: What is the one thing that unites all the regions in this country (islands included)? What is it that brings us all together despite political colours or football clubs? Food, of course!

Generally speaking, Portuguese love food. So I used 3 very much loved Portuguese food items to create Valentine’s postcards: you can use them to show that special someone in your life how much you love them!

And just in case you want to add a little Portuguese music to your day I’ve got you covered, too. Let’s start with a funny song:

Next, a classic from the late 1950’s particularly fitting if you love but are not loved (or if you feel like channeling your inner drama queen):

And last but not least the let’s-give-the-neighbours-something-to-talk-about song. It’s a classic from the early 1980’s (just look at the hair, dresses and makeup!).

Hope you have a fun Valentine’s day and remember to say “amo-te” (that’s “I love you” in Portuguese)! 

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