Serra da Estrela: beyond the snow

If you ask any Portuguese about Serra da Estrela most people will say that it’s lovely when it snows and they’ll mention the typical cheese of the region (“queijo da Serra da Estrela“). The way I see it, snow is fun for a while but my favourite times to visit are Spring and Autumn with their amazing colours everywhere and small waterfalls around every corner. There are people who visit the area just to go the highest point (Torre, which is also the highest point in mainland Portugal) and play a bit in the snow. Well, they’re missing out on a lot of beautiful places.

We had the chance of visiting the region around New Year and I’m not the kind of person to go and waste an opportunity like that! Maybe there would be some snow for Didi to play with for the first time? The odds weren’t great.

For our first stop I wanted to go to Poço do Inferno, a 10 meter long waterfall.

It’s one of my favourite spots in the area. I think you can easily tell why!

So after Didi insisted on “washing” her hands in the almost freezing water of the nearby fountain (i.e., splashing water all over) we headed towards Torre, in hopes of finding some snow.

As a Portuguese born and raised you can imagine I didn’t grow up having a lot of contact with snow. And while I do think snow can be fun I really love the sight of icy lakes and ponds like the one on the photo bellow.

Up in Torre there was virtually no snow, only ice. So what did Didi think of ice? She hated every second of it! I can’t blame her, though: it’s no fun playing with ice!

Travelling with a two year old in Winter means less hours of sunlight and having to stay on track with routines as much as possible (hello, nap time!).

Before dinner we still had the time to go for a little walk in Manteigas, a lovely town right in the heart of Serra da Estrela, which is where we usually stay when we’re in the region.

On my next post we’ll be visiting a couple of other favourite spots, proving Serra da Estrela is beautiful either with or without snow. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ahhhh I wish I was relaxing there… Although I DID have in the past the no snow only ice thing… pretty chaotic that mountain

  2. We lived about 70km from Serra da Estrela, and we would drive to see the snow every winter, but in the 12 years we lived in Portugal we never visited in summer.

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