Portuguese music: folk, rock and the devil on a cross

Source: http://diabonacruz.blogspot.com

For today’s post about Portuguese music I’m bringing you a personal favourite: Meet Diabo na Cruz (“devil on the cross”)! Here’s a song from their new album:

I’ve been listening to their music pretty much since the band started and the way they mix both rock and folk amazes me.

On the one hand you have traditional Portuguese musical instruments and rhythms and lots of references to Portuguese folk lore (from the vocabulary used to stereotypical characters). On the other hand there’s all the energy from rock guitars and drums.

I believe that, to some extent, they somehow represent my generation, with a foot in the city and the other in Nature, somewhat patriotic but capable of self criticism, torn between seeking a deeper connection with something/someone and updating our social media.

I’m leaving you with some video clips of their songs. The last one, “Luzia”, is very interesting in the sense that it was filmed during the “Romaria de Nossa Senhora da Agonia”, a famous traditional religious festival that takes place in Viana do Castelo.


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