Southwest Alentejo: Still a hidden gem?

Remember some weeks ago, when I said I’d be doing some adjustments by publishing shorter, simpler posts and more practical information?

Well, I had almost forgotten about it myself! Oh, the irony! *facepalm + eyeroll*

Today I’m bringing you a little throwback to August this year (I said it was little) when I was spending a few relaxing days in one of my favourite parts of the country: the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast. I’m sure I must have written somewhere that some other part of Portugal was also among my favourites… and I’m not lying, I love my country! But when I really just want chill out and forget about the world, enjoy lovely beaches and eat lots of delicious food this is usually the first region that comes to my mind. 

Why? Take a good look at these photos (all previously posted on my Instagram account, by the way). Do you see any flamingo or unicorn floaties? No. Nope. Zero. Nada. Niente.

And what about the clear sea water? The cliffs? The epically charming whitewashed houses?

This part of the country is fairly crowded during the Summer months, make no mistake about it. Some places, like Vila Nova de Milfontes, more so than others, like Aljezur, for example. Obviously it’s a region that’s not hidden away from the world but there are a few spots that are not very well known and those who know about them… don’t usually talk about it! Still, there’s a relaxed, peaceful vibe that I absolutely love!

Have you ever been to this part of Portugal?

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