Gerês, the region that holds a special place in my heart

Mountains? Forests? Rivers? The wind in your hair and the great outdoors? I love them all.
So far, 2018 has not been a great year for me. When we finally had the chance of going on a vacation I knew I absolutely had to go back to one of my favourite places in the country, a place where I could find all of the above: Gerês.

Gerês, aka, the National Park of Peneda Gerês is actually the only national park in Portugal. Even though you’ll find towns and villages in the park there’s also a kind of untouched nature that you’ll hardly experience anywhere else in the country. Bears no longer roam the region, but it’s still home to wolves, eagles and plenty of other animals and vegetation. It’s obviously a great place for alittle adventure including hikes, rivers and waterfalls.

The area has been inhabited since before the Romans arrived, so as you might imagine there’s also lots of history, a few religious monuments, one or two strange things and best of all… thermal baths!

We’ll continue exploring beautiful Gerês over the next few posts. Stay tuned!

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