10 useful phrases to help you enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Portugal

Photo: Pixabay

Imagine 20 sweaty young men running back and forth in a field… after a ball. Yes, it’s football I’m talking about (or soccer, depending on where you are).

Maybe you love football or maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re just like me: I don’t care much about teams and I think the amount of money involved in this sport is just obscene but… I do like watching a big game and I love all the emotions of a good match. Watching a good game with people who do care about football is something I actually enjoy!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is already underway and, if you’re in Portugal at the time, there’s a good chance you’ll be watching at least one game among Portuguese. Perhaps you’re in some other part of the world where there is a Portuguese community. Fear not: you don’t have to be a Ronaldo of the Portuguese language to be able to mingle with us and enjoy a game. I’ve put together, in a handy infographic, 10 useful phrases to help you enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Portugal (or with Portuguese anywhere in the world. Hello, Portuguese diaspora!). Hope you have as much fun pronouncing everything as I did preparing this post.

Grab your beer and a handful of “tremoços” and enjoy the games!


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