“The wickedest man in the world” and the poet with multiple personalities

Boca do Inferno, in Cascais.

What happens when a once-wealthy flamboyant occultist meets a shy nerdy poet? Legend and mystery!

An English, Aleister Crowley, and a Portuguese, Fernando Pessoa, two people with unique personalities, crossed paths in the early 1930’s and the result is talked about still today.

Fernando Pessoa was, at the time, not yet an internationally acclaimed author famous for his several heteronyms. He was considered a bit of a weirdo, living with female relatives, having a peculiar relationship with his always-girlfriend-never-wife Ofélia, working as a translator of, mostly, commercial letters, and moving in the artistic and occultist circles in Lisbon.

Pessoa had received the first of a total of 6 volumes of Crowley’s bookThe Confessions of Aleister Crowley”. In it, was included the author’s horoscope, which Pessoa (an astrologer himself) analyzed and concluded to be wrong. When sending the payment for the remaining volumes he added a note in which he asked the editing house to let Aleister Crowley know about the mistake. A few days later Crowley sends Pessoa a letter and, after a while, announces he would like to visit Portugal and meet Pessoa.
On September 2nd 1930 Aleister Crowley arrives in Portugal to visit Lisbon, Sintra and Estoril. He meets Fernando Pessoa a couple of times and on the 23rd he goes to Sintra, where he would apparently stay for a few days. On the 25th Augusto Ferreira Gomes, a Portuguese journalist (who also happened to be interested in the occult *and* was a close friend of Pessoa) finds a cigarette case in Boca do Inferno, a spot on the shore of Cascais, famous for its violent spectacular waves and which was well known for the number of suicides that happened there. Underneath the cigarette case there was a cryptic note, which is then published in Portuguese and foreign newspapers. It read: “I cannot live without you. The other ‘Boca do Infierno’ will get me – it will not be as hot as yours! Hisos! Tu Li Yu”.
A plaque in Boca do Inferno briefly explaining Crowley’s apparent suicide note.
Boca do Inferno, in Cascais.
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  1. I’d say skipping hotel bills would be the spot-on… xD Crowley was a Dandy when he wanted, but he was only a manipulator of sorts… he was terrified of people from the real occult life and stayed away from them

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