Lagoa de Ervedeira, a local favourite

After giving you a little context about Lagoa de Ervedeira on my previous post I’l be sharing today some more specific information about it. The photos, unfortunately, show a landscape that’s much different now.

Located in the forest area of Mata do Pedrogão, between Leiria and Figueira da Foz, the lagoon is about 500 meters long. There’s a beautiful wooden walkway which goes along the western margin and is about 2km long.

Still used by a few fishermen, Lagoa de Ervedeira is a popular spot among the locals, particularly families with kids. There used to be pine trees, eucalyptus, rosemary and other native plants, like “camarinha” (I found lots of “camarinha” bushes near the walkway). Fish, birds and reptiles were also relatively abundant.

From what I’ve seen the locals are doing what they can to help bring their beloved Lagoa back to life. I want to think that they will succeed. ❤

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  1. We will see this grow again… we need to be optimistic, and try to help regrow everything… we have a part to play

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