Apple beach


If you’re staying in Lisbon and plan on going to Sintra for an afternoon there’s a lot you won’t be able to see – like the beach, for example. Most people who visit Sintra focus on the monuments alone, but the fact is there’s a lot more to see. Today I’m writing about a beach in Sintra, which is also a true classic.

Praia das Maçãs (yes, Apple Beach) has its own mystique and fan base. Even in winter it’s a lovely place to go for a walk and to breathe in some of that energizing sea breeze. In the summer it’s one of the most crowded beaches in the area. For many people living in the Lisbon metropolitan area this used to be their go-to place in the summer months, particularly from the 1960s to, say, the 1990s. Today, it’s still a place where you’ll find a lot of families, but also surfers and bodyborders.

There’s a tram that can take you from Portela (near the train station in Sintra with the same name) to Praia das Maçãs. If you have the opportunity I highly advise you to take this tram, as you’ll be able to enjoy part of the Colares area.

Trivia tidbit of the day: Legend has it that Praia das Maçãs owes its name to the fact that apples, from orchards located in Colares, would fall from the trees to the stream and eventually end up on this beach.





  1. beautiful, and coming to Lisbon in October with a trip to Sintra in mind – this will now be added to the tour!

      • Yes, Sintra is beautiful! I’ve been to the castle many years ago, and also visited Cascais and Setubal with Lisbon as base. Actually I have a very soft spot for Portugal and Lisbon, it will be great to be back! The thought of grilled lulinha, I can’t wait 🙂

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