And now for something completely different

Some of the wolves I’ve “adopted” through the years.
Today there will be no pretty landscape, no old monument and no trivia tidbit. Instead, I will share something which is very dear to me.
The Iberian wolf, native to the Iberian Peninsula (that’s Portugal and Spain, if you’re curious) is a highly endangered species. Back in 1998 I read an article about an independent NGO called Grupo Lobo and their effort to provide a safe space for this species. Actually, they were doing more than that and were also promoting talks and activities to let people know that wolves are not big bad monsters. A few weeks later I became the proud adoptive “mother” of Lobinho, a wolf which had been found by firefighters during a forest fire and which had lived in an apartment for 2 years, before crossing paths with the CRLI (Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre).
Later, I had the opportunity to visit their space, not far from Lisbon, when they opened the Centre to visitors. I had the privilege of taking a guided tour and of witnessing a professor howl like a wolf – and listening to the wolves howl back!
Sabor, one of the wolves living at the CRLI (Photo credits:
Today, the people from Grupo Lobo and CRLI do so much more than that and have expanded in several ways, but they also need our help: They need to buy the land in which they’ve built this wolf haven. If they fail to do so the Iberian wolves living in this space will loose this vital safe place for them and will risk dying at the hands of hunters and traps.
Every little bit helps! You can make a donation through their crowdfunding page (and choose a perk) or you can go straight to their website and adopt a wolf, while also learning more about them and their cause. You can also donate any other sum that fits your pocket. If you can’t donate please spread the word! ❤
Bolota, my adoption for this year (Photo credits:
I’ve done my bit and hope you’ll help, too! 😉

The website:

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  1. Yeah, I had adopted a wolf in the past. Already contributed to it. To all: please help, portuguese defend the wolves, there are many who pay to shoot them down!! Help preserve the species…

  2. I am glad you posted this because I love wolves and did not know anything about the Iberian wolves. I’m glad you are able to support them and I will certainly spread the word that they can use some help. The photos are just beautiful.

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