Simple pleasures


I already mentioned Ponte da Barca on the blog before, but I couldn’t skip the opportunity of bringing it up again. I mean, look at those trees.


Sometimes you really don’t need an incredible work of art or a fancy resort to enjoy being somewhere. Sometimes the colors of the sky and the trees are just right and Nature creates a perfect paiting.


Or maybe it’s just the way a boat fits a reflection – almost perfectly.


Or noticing an unexpected rower.


Trivia tidbit of the day: Remember when I told you about Santo António? His mother was born in Ponte da Barca, no less!

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6 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. Eu ia-me lá lembrar que o Sto António tinha mãe. xD Sou mesmo uma cabeça no ar.
    Mas sim, o local é encantador. ❤
    Alexandra 🙂

    The Sweetest Life

  2. My to-do list of places in Portugal increases with every post.
    Keep them coming!

  3. Yes, your photographs & posts show us the enchanted land of Portugal… lovely. You have taken some extraordinary shots. Thank you for the tour.

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