Building bridges


First post of the year and anniversary post as well – today is the blog’s second birthday! Yay!

This past year was incredibly busy and it seemed to go by in a flash. I met great people, explored new places and learned a lot. There’s a website in the making and an increased presence in social media, besides a never ending bucket list for travel destinations and experiences in Portugal. I’d like to thank everyone who stops by, whether you’re fellow bloggers or interested in knowing more about Portugal – you rock! 😉

For today’s post I’m bringing you a bridge – but not just any bridge.

You can find this bridge in Castro Laboreiro, a town very very close to the border with Spain and in the area of the Peneda-Gerês National Park.
Castro Laboreiro is the kind of place that is older than you think might be possible and has a ton of history. Still, you risk missing out on a lot of things if you don’t pay attention. This bridge, for example, can be found by the side of the road and you may not actually notice it. Not much is known about it but, like many bridges in the region, it probably dates back to the time of the Roman empire. Can you imagine how many thousands of feet walked on it?

The surrounding area (which I’ll show in future posts) looks like it came straight from a scene from The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, with breathtaking views of mountains and valleys.


I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful 2015 with plenty of travel and good times! 🙂


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  1. Ah, Castro Laboreiro… have to go there in the Summer… went once in the Winter and almost turned into a snow flake! which is weird because it wasn’t actually snowing.

  2. Confesso que não gosto muito de sítios assim tão calmos. Adoro o rio mas ao redor não tem nada. D: E por muito que ame a natureza não me venham dizer que, por mais bonitos que sejam, esses sítios tem o que se fazer. Mas mesmo asism obrigado pelo post. ^^
    Alexandra 🙂

    The Sweetest Life

    • Ok had to reread this with a translator… don’t get why nature has to be loud… or link to own blog… ah well, I’ll just enjoy the quiet nature thank you very much 😀

    • Bom, depende da perspectiva… 🙂 Eu encontrei montes de coisas para fazer e tive pena de não ter tido tempo para mais! Montanha e vento fresco na cara? Venham eles! 😉

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