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Do you like to explore new places? I know I do!

This spot in particular is in Sintra, although it’s not what you’d call a “touristy” place. Actually, it’s one of those places you hear about or have a vague memory of reading about in some obscure blog (ah!).rio1

Being there I thought of how much I believe “authentic” travel to be important. And what do I mean by “authentic” travel? Exploring! Even if you’re in a city, venture out of the most famous streets, have your lunch where the locals go to, lose the tourist guide!

So many people seem to focus on going somewhere to see castle A, palace B, famous street C… I see that happening everyday  – in Lisbon, in Sintra, in Porto. I know that sometimes we manage to fit a little “travel time” on a weekend or a business travel and time doesn’t stretch. But, come on, get out of your comfort zone!

This place is close to Lisbon, very close to Sintra and I can tell you the GPS coordinates I had for it were wrong!

There were a few BTT lunatics people there but it’s far from being a well known place. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach the waterfall because my hiking shoes are not that good and I was in serious risk of slipping. Still, it’s a beautiful place and I will surely go back!

Location? Top secret! :X



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  1. You can’t keep that beautiful place a secret. Provide the coordinates as a Christmas gift to your readers. Come on, you can do it! :))

    • The thing is, I don’t have the correct GPS coordinates! 🙂 I have the name of the place, but that’s it. Besides, this place is not very safe, in the sense of having a steep access, rocks, mud… Unless you have fairly good hiking shoes it’s easy to slip and have a nasty fall. 😦 I don’t want to be responsible for anything like that :-/ Still, if you want to know how to get there you can send me an email (it’s on the right menu, in the “About me” section) and I’ll be glad to answer. 🙂

  2. This looks amazing, though falling to my death is low on my list of priorities. 😉
    But so close by to me in Lisbon, I feel compelled to have a look. I’ll send you a mail!

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