On top of the hill


Generally speaking, if you’re not the religious type, there are two reasons why you should visit some of the churches and sanctuaries and Portugal: their history/architecture and the view.

Today I’m bringing you the Santuário de Santa Luzia (Sanctuary of Santa Luzia), in Viana do Castelo, which offers an amazing view over the river Lima, the sea, the city of Viana do Castelo and the surrounding area. You can actually go to the top of the sanctuary and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Before the modern sanctuary was built (the construction lasted from 1904 to 1959) there used to be a small medieval chapel in its place but the modern sanctuary has very few, if any, medieval elements to it, being a mix of neo-romanticism, byzantine and neo-gothic in a temple shaped like a Greek cross!

And then… Then, there’s the view.



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  1. Breathtaking in all types of weather. Even a fine rain does not diminish the beauty of the surroundings. Great photos.

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