Strange things in strange places (part 2)


I really wasn’t thinking of writing a sequel to the previous “Strange things in strange places” post, but such is life – showing me unexpected things in unexpected places. Like a chapel on a beach.

I had actually seen photos of this place before but had never been there. Nothing the internet could not help me with!

Not far from Porto, in a place called Praia de Miramar, you can find a chapel on a beach. This chapel (Capela do Senhor da Pedra) was built in 1686 and, legend has it, there used to be a Pagan altar there before.

Do you know of any similar buildings in other places? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!IMG_0302'


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  1. Stunning location. I love that the Catholic church goes and finds pagan places of worship and goes “no, you don’t!” (In the past, I mean). Good way of pulling in the faithful, there, I suppose!

    • I suppose they also did it because people would not stop going to Pagan places and adopting Pagan practices, so the Church “christianised” many things. You’ll find hundreds of such examples in Portugal alone!

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