Can we go back to August?



Do you know that sad feeling you get in the beginning of January, after the Christmas/New Year wears off?

Well, I also get that feeling some weeks after my Summer holidays/vacations.

So, to bring back a bit of that relaxed August mood here’s a photo of the landscape you get before reaching the beach in Odeceixe. What you see here is the river Seixe making its way to the shore, creating a wonderful zigzag.

Who would like to be there right now? I know I would! 😉

Enjoy! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Can we go back to August?

  1. albanlusitanae

    Man I miss Summer already 😦

  2. Pathway To Portugal

    I miss it too and I love fall, but summer was too short this year.

  3. No, if you go back to summer, i gotta go back to winter 😦

  4. Oh, all that blue sky. It just goes on and on. I almost wish perfect weather would stay with us forever, but then I suppose I like the grey, wet days of winter to remind me of why I love blue skies so much.

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