Portuguese trivia (IX)

igreja Guimarães

Remember our buddy Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first king?

Well, legend has it that this is the church where he was baptised as a baby. It may not look grand, but hey, it was the Middle Ages and he was the son of a count (well, actually, maybe he wasn’t).

This church, near the castle of Guimarães, is dedicated to Saint Michael and, in fact, it was probably built after the birth of Afonso Henriques (there may have been a previous temple at the place).

Most, if not all, countries have a mix of truth and legend concerning their history and, as you  may have guessed, Portugal is no exception.

Despite all the mystery this chapel represents a nice bridge between the Romanesque and Gothic types of architecture and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good legend?


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  1. I visited this chapel a few years ago and felt a certain connection at seeing the baptismal font. Even if it’s only a legend, it’s inspiring.

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