A day at the beach


A bit to the north of Aljezur you can find that which is probably one of the most famous beaches in the area known as Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast: Odeceixe.

There’s a small river, Ribeira de Seixe, which meets the sea at this beach and it is, at the same time, the local division between the Algarve and the Alentejo regions.

If you like to stay on the beach until sunset you’ll be able, during the Summer months, to witness a unique event here… let’s call it a “ritual”. At about 19h30/7.30pm the lifeguard will blow the whistle in the same way that referees do at the end of football/soccer matches, meaning that he’s leaving for the day. The people still at the beach clap their hands and he waves a “thank you”. I’ve never seen this in any other beach and I think it reflects the fact that this is a beach and a village where a lot of people go to year after year – and I mean whole families: Uncles, aunts and cousins included. The lifeguard’s letting everyone know that he’s leaving for the day and people clap as if to say “thanks for another day of a job well done”.

I think this is, ultimately, cute. 🙂


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