You might think you’ve seen this before

cristo rei 1

Rio de Janeiro? Nope, Almada in Portugal!

The statue of Cristo Rei, Christ the King, stands on the South margin of the river Tagus, across from Lisbon.

It was, obviously, inspired by the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, after the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon visited the Brazilian monument in 1931. During an Episcopate conference, which took place in Fátima in 1940, a promise was made that the monument would be built if Portugal didn’t take part in the World War.

The construction, based on the sketches of Portuguese artist Francisco Franco, started in 1949 and took 10 years to complete, being inaugurated on May 17th 1959.

Today the Cristo Rei is still visited by religious reasons (weddings, christenings and other religious cerimonies take place there) but also for the views: From the top you can see both the margins of the Tagus and, if the weather is clear enough, you can actually see Sintra!

cristo rei 2Enjoy!



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