A view from the top

castelo de vide

When I was a kid I loved visiting castles (I still do!). More than the architecture or the history of the castle I liked to imagine what life inside those walls must have been like: What did people eat? How did they manage to live in such tiny houses? What was it like when the castle was under siege?

Truth be told I still have all those questions in my mind when I visit a castle. But some times I just like to take in the views and admire the landscape – like in this case. From the top of the castle in Castelo de Vide you have a beautiful view of the town below which, obviously, has its own secrets. What stories hide under each of those roofs?

Castelo de Vide is also known as the “Sintra of the Alentejo” because of its many gardens but also because it is so close to a hill, in this case the Serra de São Mamede.

Do you like visiting castles? What’s your favourite? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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