Random photo of the week


This is more than just a picture of a sunset. Honestly.

Don’t believe me? Well, here you have the river Tagus (or, as we call it, Tejo), Lisbon and a portion of the North margin of the river, plus a small boat, typical of the landscape of the South margin of the Tagus.

And where do you get a view like this? In Alcochete, a not so tourity place (lots of restaurants, but very few of them have menus in English), where you can find both the largest outlet mall in the Iberian Peninsula and 15th century churches.

Hope you like it!

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5 thoughts on “Random photo of the week

  1. albanlusitanae

    yep, nice fish restaurants there, away from the crowds… 😀 and inexpensive as well

  2. Love the “random” picture which had a lot of thought go into the composition 🙂

  3. Loved the serenity in this picture.. great shot!

    May be you’ll like to visit my blog http://travelzandstories.wordpress.com/

    Thanks !

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