Random photo of the week

sra da boa estrela1'

Way up in Serra da Estrela you can find this sculpture of the Lady of the Good Star, aka, Senhora da Boa Estrela. Carved into the mountain rock it depicts the patron saint of shepherds and it was created in 1946.

As is the case with so many other similar religious monuments there’s a miracle associated with it. In this case, legend has it that a shepherd was lost during a snow storm and that the Lady of the Good Star showed him the way to go back home safely.

Even if you’re not the religious type (like me) you have to admit that it looks impressive. After I saw a photo of the sculptor (António Duarte) working on this 7m tall image I was even more impressed.

“Safety helmet? Ropes? I’m the badass of big sculptures! Oh, and I wear glasses…” Photo taken from http://ascendensblog.blogspot.pt

Here’s a final photo from a different perspective. Enjoy!

sra da boa estrela2




  1. Well presented, and excellent images and background. It’s hard to get the full scope of António Duarte’s sculpture until your final photo is seen. Nicely done!

  2. The place is incredible, you get surprised when you are driving up the mountain and see that sculpture… amazing and powerful

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