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monserrateWelcome to the main hall of the Monserrate Palace.

Located in Sintra the Monserrate Palace is a strange mix of different types of architecture. Throughout the centuries several owners have added something more to it – not just to the palace, but also to the surrounding gardens. Lord Byron stayed here in 1809 and the last famous owner was Sir Francis Cook (1817–1901), who shaped the palace and surrounding area into pretty much what it is today.

However, the palace was in very bad condition (due to it being abandoned and because of heavy rains) and, until fairly recently, you could only visit the gardens. A few years ago most of the palace was renovated and you can now enjoy views like the one above. Monserrate is not near most of the palaces in Sintra, but it’s well worth the visit!

The website: http://www.beyondlisbon.pt/

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  1. yep been there recently the interior of the Palace is much better, great stuff to see. still some work to do, it’s a careful but most amazing recovery job

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