Happy birthday to… me!

A view from the river beach at Valhelhas, in the Serra da Estrela region.

Well… not me, but the blog!

On January 15th 2013 I started this blog. Funnily enough, I’m writing the 101st post today… I didn’t do that on purpose, I swear!

I started the blog because I was looking for a creative outlet but also because I was feeling so fed up with the stupid silly things I was reading about Portugal on travel blogs. You know what I mean: Someone travels to another country, stays there for a few days and then draws all sorts of obnoxious patronizing wrong conclusions. This is something that gets on my nerves regarding any country but, hey, this is where I live, so this is what I know best and talk about.

more clicks
This is the photo that got more clicks. Everyone likes some practical info, I guess…

I can’t help but feel rewarded because a lot of the people who find my blog do so as a result of something they looked up on the internet, like Gerês or Joana Vasconcelo’s chandelier made out of tampons (true story!). Over the space of one year I’ve shown you the North and the South, the beaches and the mountains, the rivers and the sea, some plants, flowers, mushrooms and even a cow or two! I’ve shown you monuments, told you about legends and history, cultural aspects, food and, of course, wine. I’ve talked to you about some artists, producers and quite a few trivia facts (always handy for boring parties).

Print screen from today’s stats page. Thanks for all the visits!

The truth is I love to travel and let you, the readers, know about all the great things you can experience here, besides going to the beach and listening to Fado.

I’d like to thank all of you regular/occasional readers and, of course, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t thank my better half for supporting me and joining me in crazy potentially dangerous hikes in my ideas for the blog.

So before you leave I’d really like to know your opinion about future themes for this blog. Please take a minute to answer the poll bellow (multiple answers are possible). I’ll be glad to read any other comments/suggestions on the comments section, too!

If you like this blog please share it with your friends – I’m sure they’ll be thankful! 😀 Thanks everyone!


  1. Loved your blog on Portugal! I would love to start a blog, but not sure how to. I am a travel agent and have traveled extensively and would love to share it, as you are doing. You’re doing great, so keep it up! Thanks, Sandy

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