Random photo of the week

monsantoIf you ever go to Monsanto you’ll find quite a few of these doors. And no, there are no hobbits in Monsanto (not that I’ve seen, at least).

This village, the most Portuguese of Portuguese villages, has been built despite all the rocks and boulders typical of the area. Instead of giving up and going somewhere else people adapted and used the local topography in their favour, building houses, shelters and storage spaces in the middle of/on/around rocks. This is probably a storage space, but you can see some roof tiles on the top right part of the photo – which means it might also be the door to a house, with windows on the other side. Cool!


  1. What amazing place… The door fascinated me and also painted green too, to get the harmony with nature… This is amazing. I am so glad to meet with you, you are my first blogger friend from Portugal… How much I love your Fado songs… especially Dulce Pontes! I am crazy with her voice and songs… Thank you, and also Thank you for visiting my blog. Blessing and happiness, love, nia

    • I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 Well, there’s a lot more to Portuguese music besides Fado… and not all Fado is sad 😉 Actually, you just gave me an idea and maybe I’ll make a post about Portuguese music 😉

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