Up in the valley

covão'I know, I know… I’ve mentioned Covão d’Ametade before on this blog – several times. But really, this is one of the must visit places in Serra da Estrela. Why? It offers a varying landscape according to the time of the year but it’s always beautiful.

Last time I was there we were just leaving the car, parking a few meters away from the entrance to the Covão, when a couple approached me and asked, in broken Portuguese, what that place was all about. I told them the place was famous for its amazing rock formations, that there was a river crossing it and that it was really beautiful. The woman translated the whole thing to the man, he seemed quite unimpressed and they just drove away… “Amazing rock formations? A river? A beautiful place? Naaaah… not interested”. Well, their loss!

I’ve visited this place in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and, well, apart from some bugs in the Summer, I think it’s quite pleasant. Families come here for picnics, mushrooms, running around and just have fun. You can even camp here, although this is far from a standard camping park and I wouldn’t advise it except if you’re a hard core camper. Then there are some people like myself who like to think they’re mountain goats and go hopping from rock to rock like there’s nobody watching (note to self: there’s always somebody watching).

Located in Serra da Estrela, Covão d’Ametade is a small valley area on what used to be an old glacier lagoon, right at the start of Europe’s largest glacier valley.



    • I’m surprised you’ve never been there! If you know any hard core fans of Serra da Estrela they’re sure to know about this place. Sure, it’s not Everest-kind-of-spectacular but I think it’s a really nice place. In the middle there’s a clearing and you get to stay right in front of three rock formations known as Cântaro Magro, Cântaro Gordo and Cântaro Raso – you feel really small, especially if there’s snow. I published a photo of it some months ago (https://beyondlisbon.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/back-from-a-great-weekend/), that should give an idea of what I’m talking about 😉 Plus, it’s the birthplace of the also amazing river Zêzere.

    • Well, we’re having unusually low temperatures for early December (by Portuguese, not English, standards 😉 ) so my brain froze for a second and I published the post without a title. I did give the post a title shortly after I noticed this and updated it, but WordPress preferred to call my post 1697 instead of ‘Up in the valley’. What can I say? Choices… 😉

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