Magic in Monchique

I really hate it when, in the middle of my holidays, I have to think or do anything that is not holiday-related – like dealing with car insurance. That’s what happened in August last year. Taking care of things like that implied a drive to Monchique.

“One less day of toasting tanning!”, I thought to myself.

At first I was surprised because Monchique was a lot greener than I had expected it to be. Then we found the insurance office and the guy working there, in stereotypical laid-back Algarve style wearing flip-flops to work, suggested we go for a coffee while he took care of things. At least it would be better than just sitting there waiting. Made sense.

So we left and wandered around a bit. Eventually we were lured by the sound of harp playing and a sign mentioning magical chocolate and tea. Chocolate and tea? Two of my favourite things alongside the word “magical”? Hmmm…

IMG_8272Long story short, we liked the shop so much we decided to go back this year and I’ve decided to share with you a few things about this shop: Meet Loja do chocolate e chá mágico, in Monchique!

The shop is owned by Tony and Lisa, from Wales, and it covers a fairly wide range of products, making it interesting to different kinds of people. Kids will love the chocolates and marshmallows, while adults will be going for the local products, like licor de medronho or the cork bags*.

Hmmm… chocolate!


Cork bags in all shapes and sizes!

If you’re like me and have a hippie side you’ll be attracted like a magnet to the corner where they keep the incenses, handmade soaps, solid shampoos, essences and several other less common things. They also have many different types of tea and coffee to suit different tastes. Oh, and don’t forget the fudges, made by Lisa herself. Flavours include chocolate-orange, chocolate with walnuts, mint, ginger, and chocolate-banana to name a few. The shop is small, but boy is it packed with goodies!

I have to admit that we may have bought a big batch of fudge – so much in fact that Tony laughed while saying “This should keep you for a while!”.

Well… Maybe… Maybe not.

Besides the products what I really like about this shop is the relaxed, cozy feeling it has. There is, indeed, something magical about it – maybe it’s the love they put into their shop?

Teas, coffees and some hand-made local products.


If you happen to be near Monchique this shop is well worth a visit. You can find them in Praça Alexandre Herculano, 4, but you can also reach them through their email for info and ordering products (even if you’re across the pond):

IMG_8271*Remember when I told you about the many uses of cork? See, they also make bags of all sorts now: shoulder bags, handbags, smaller bags to keep documents and money… you name it!



  1. I know the shop, brilliant stuff, it was a complete surprise to see something like that there, the sheer quality of the things there is worth a visit… didn’t order anything online yet though, have to think about doing that…

  2. Thank you very much for your post! It’s accurate and truthful description of the store!
    (Been there for the first time 1 week ago.)

    I’m glad you made it because I couldn’t do it nearly as good.
    The store, and both Tony and Lisa deserve it.

    Cheers, Marco Miranda

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