I’m baaaaack!

ponta da Atalaia
Ponta da Atalaia, on the SW coast of Portugal.

Did you miss me?! No? Ah well!

Anyway, after two weeks of sunbathing, sleeping on an air mattress, eating way too many waffles and drinking way too many cocktails I’m back to dieting blogging! 😀

With memories still fresh of English karaoke-ing, Portuguese stand-up comedy and Welsh owned shops I look at my (mental) list of blog topics and realize I have no idea where to begin. There’s also Portuguese peanut butter, beaches, plants, cork, fudge, cute towns and so many other things I want to tell you about! The problem is, I haven’t even told you everything about the other two weeks in June! 😐

And thanks everyone for the 5.000+ hits! You rock! 😀 Yes, even you, who found the blog looking up the words “sexy cheese” (really, guys?!).


  1. I’m back to ‘usual life’ too after 3 months in deep South italy without proper connection and using laptop. I couldnt wait to comment…by the way, it was me searching for ‘sexy cheese’ 🙂

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