And so I’m back!

Fraga de São Simão

Yes, I’m back!

Not from outer space, but from a great two-week vacation.

What did these two weeks involve? Lots of green, hills and rivers, a yurt, a hotel, hikes, massages, wildlife, starry skies, history, monuments, traditions, a few sunny days, a lot of cloudy days, sightseeing, eating cherries picked straight from the tree, mysterious characters, beautiful products and plenty of delicious food.

Tomar, Zêzere, Guimarães, Lousã, Gerês and Sertã are some of the names you’ll be reading here. Rye bread, snacks and old conventual sweets are some of the yummy things I’ll be telling you about. Alternative lodgings, hiking and (oh, the horror) getting massages in a spa are some of the experiences I’ll be sharing with you.

I’m still putting together all the info, tips and photos, so stay tuned for the next posts! 😉


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