Getting to know Douro

There are probably not many people in the Western world that have not heard about Port wine. Where does it come from? The Douro Valley Region, in Portugal. And what is the Douro? It’s the river without which there would be no Port.

View of the Douro in a river cruise. See those ‘lines’ to the left? They’re vineyards!

You can find loads of online info about this river (including its wildlife) but I’m going to make this easy for you and give you a quick recap:


The most interesting way to get to know Douro is probably with a river cruise but this river has its own railway line, which offers some amazing views as well. If you have a pile of money burning a hole in your pocket and have no idea how to spend it I can give you my bank details you can also take a tour in a helicopter!


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  1. ah the Douro… fond memories… so much wine so little time… and no one to drive me home afterwards… xD

  2. I took a trip along that rail line back in 1990, as I was interrailing around Europe, beautiful river valley…I hope to return to Northern Portugal this summer and follow the Camino from Porto to Santiago del Compostela in Spain…

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