Coffee anyone?

If you go to Sintra there’s a ton of places that you should go to. Most of them are mentioned in tourist guides, both in paper and online. But who gives you the tips for the good things that nobody else will tell you about? Me, of course!

So, where in Sintra can you experience a Portuguese espresso served in fancy china, in a top class environment, including sightseeing in a place that is living history?

In Portugal an espresso usually costs something like 60 to 70 cents. In some places you only pay 50 cents for it. Yes, we love espresso, aka, café or bica. Most people have their own favourite way of enjoying it: full cup, half cup, very hot cup and the list goes on and on. If you go to a very touristy place you can pay 1 or even 2€ for a normal espresso – but what’s the fun in that?

While in Sintra head over to Seteais. This palace, built in the 1780’s for the Dutch Consul Daniel Gildemeester is now a 5-star hotel, with its own haunted room (room 18, if you’re curious). It’s also the place where you can appreciate frescos and 18th century art.

But back to coffee.

If you order an espresso at their restaurant you’ll be paying 3,50€ but… it’s good quality coffee, served in fancy Vista Alegre china, silver spoons, silver sugar bowl, water with a cute lemon wedge, a choice of normal sugar, white sugar cubes, brown sugar cubes, sweeteners, a dark chocolate  and a cutesy strawberry cake with custard. All of this while enjoying the scenery – and at the price of a small splurge, for a coffee!


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