Go with the flow

The flow of the river, of course! What river? The Mondego, probably the river most talked about by Portuguese poets. Its name comes from the Latin word munda, meaning transparency and purity.

It also happens to be the longest river located exclusively in Portuguese territory. It starts as little more than a brook in the Serra da Estrela and after 234 km it reaches the ocean next to the city of Figueira da Foz, passing by, among other places, the city of Coimbra.

But seeing the river is definitely better than reading what I have to say about it. So take 15 minutes of your time and enjoy this short documentary on the river Mondego (English voice-over). This documentary was filmed by Daniel Pinheiro (yes, Portuguese) during May/June of 2011 and it was his Final Project for his Masters Degree in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford.

Trust me, these will be some very well spent 15 minutes. Enjoy!


  1. He left Portugal and came to Salford? I bet that was a shock. I was principal flute in their symphony orchestra in the early 70’s

  2. A lovely video , and very interesting I visit Coimbra regularly as it is only 40 mins away, and the the river area is lovely . It is nice to learn more about the wildlife of the Mondego. I hope Daniel Pinheiro is managing to work using his wildlife documentary degree , he did well !

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