Stones doing… what?!

Imagine a phenomenon so strange… that legends were born of it and there are only two places in the world where it is known to happen.

Something… so strange and rare, that some may actually consider it out of this world!

What if I told you that in Portugal you can find evidence of stones… giving birth to stones?

giorgio tsoukalos_is_such_a_thing_even_possible
Yes, Mr. Tsoukalos, it is possible…

These curious stones are called pedras parideiras, meaning “stones that give birth”.

Wait! What?

This is a rare geological phenomenon: within a section of granite, chunks of dark minerals have formed and over many many maaaany years, due to erosion and changes in temperature, they eventually grew out of the stone, as if they had “been given birth to”.

My thoughts exactly, Mr. Tsoukalos!

Can we go there? Of course you can! These and several other geological weird things amazing local phenomenon have their own place in the Arouca Geopark.


Anything else I should know? Here, have a read at what Unesco has to say about it.



Oh, and the only other place where this is known to happen is in St. Petersburg!



  1. Sure beats the hell out of more shopping whilst on holiday! Very interesting.
    I always find your blog articles interesting. Keep up the good work – thanks

  2. Oh my goodness! With my limited cable access here in Lisbon, this is one of the few shows that is on TV regularly…what a coincidence! Portugal holds many fascinating secrets….in Lisbon and waaaay beyond. I truly feel blessed that this country is part of my heritage. happy to have found your blog.

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