Portuguese trivia (III)

While we’re still in Gerês come  a little closer to the fire and let me tell you a story… a spooky story! Buahahahahah!

Well… no, not that spooky, actually.

Remember the healing waters of Gerês? Well, there’s a legend for that! You might have heard various legends concerning Saint Euphemia, but one in particular tells us of a girl called Eufémia and her connection to the healing waters of Gerês.

Legend has it that the origin of the medicinal waters in Gerês is due to a martyr from the early times of Christendom in the Iberian Peninsula. Eufémia was a young girl from what is today Braga (beautiful place, will have to post about it) who embraced the Christian faith. She took refuge in Gerês, living alone and spending her days in meditation and prayer. Still, the pagans found her and, after torture, threw her off a cliff. Her body was about to hit the rocks when the mountain opened up to receive her and, on that point, a stream of crystalline water appeared.

Many years after that her mummified body was found by travellers (also according to legend).

No, they’re not being thrown off cliffs! They’re enjoying themselves in a river in Gerês.
Source: http://portugalminho.webnode.pt
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