Oops, he did it again…

“There was this big wave thing going splish and woosh and splash”.
Source: http://www.jn.pt

As you probably already saw on the news Garrett McNamara apparently broke his own record and caught a 100ft wave. Where was that? You guessed it: in Nazaré, Portugal! I suppose he was tired of being just awesome and decided to go and be super awesome! Can you  believe he’s 45 years old?


Experts are now analysing all the technical bits to make sure the record has indeed been broken. The truth is, at the speed at which this has gone viral, I’m sure nobody will really care if he didn’t break the record.


And here’s another trivia tidbit for you: McNamara and his girlfriend Nicole married at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, in 2011. How cool is that?

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